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Avaness Law

According to the US CDC, over 100 million people seek ER treatment annually for unintentional injury. A personal injury resulting from somebody else’s negligent behavior can affect your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. You may lose your source of income or incur high medical expenses during recovery, affecting your quality of life. After a personal injury in Burbank, you do not have to suffer alone, as the personal injury law allows you to pursue a claim and get compensation for your damages.

While seeking compensation, beware that insurance companies are in business and will focus on profits, remitting lower settlements for their client’s negligent actions. Working with an Avaness Law attorney is advisable to ensure fair compensation after a personal injury. Our Burbank attorneys will investigate your case and negotiate with the insurance agent, allowing you to focus on recovery. Call us today in case of a personal injury claim, and we will walk the journey with you.

Avaness Law

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