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Burbank City Employee's Assoc.

The Burbank City Employees Association (BCEA) came into existence in October of 1939. In June of 1940 the BCEA was incorporated. The primary objective was to secure Civil Service status for all permanent City employees. Representatives of the BCEA were elected from all departments within the City. The beginning of collecting discussing and resolving problems in the work place were started.

The BCEA is one of five bargaining unions in the City. We are the largest, incorporating more than 750 employees we bargain for and/or represent each day. We cover all the clerical, trades and general employees – over 125 different classifications. We are the only organization that represents its members in bargaining with management for wages, fringe benefits and much more.

Burbank City Employee's Assoc.

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221 W Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91502

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