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Established in 1920

Established in 1920, our Burbank Chamber of Commerce is considered the leading business advocate within our City of Burbank, helping to promote economic growth and prosperity, serving as a vital strategic partner in initiatives that enhance and preserve the quality of life within our community, and providing valued services to our diverse business members.

Member Advocacy

Our Chamber assists businesses in a multitude of ways with the City, including licensing requirements and other start-up issues. Our relationships with City department heads and staff members foster a cooperative spirit enabling us to effectively interface on behalf of our members to get to the right people to obtain correct information.

Because of our positive relationship with City officials, we encourage our members to take advantage of our well-established lines of communication.

Political Advocacy

Our Chamber acts as a political advocate on behalf of our business members on the local, state, and federal levels of government. Our Governmental Review Committee actively monitors pending local ordinances and state bills. We are also working with leaders in surrounding communities to establish a regional coalition to make our united voice a more significant and influential constituency in Sacramento.

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