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RW Magic

I fell in love with magic while watching a magician on the “Ed Sullivan Show”! Ever since I have seen how much the world needs magic. From a tv magic kit for Xmas to performances from New York to LA. RW Magic is ready to Rock some Magic at your Event. My practice sessions are filled with secrets, and are kept that way! I love the look of awe, amazement, wonder and “Wow, he just blew my bosses mind,” on the faces of my clients when they watch me perform for their guests. Imagine standing back and watch the look of astonishment on the faces of everyone in attendance! My One-man stand-up presentation and strolling Close up are both smooth, inspiring, and amazing. The audience participation is what nails it. People can participate from their seats or come up on stage! Watching people take an active role during your event makes valuable connections! I allow people to participate! They help make the magic happen! My One-man stand-up presentation is well suited for corporate events and banquets. Time delays instantly vanish. It can be risky when your guests, attendees, friends, or customers must wait for extended periods of time! RW Magic can entertain while they are stuck in a long serpentine line or in an overly crowded waiting area!

RW Magic

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3649 Menlo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44120

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