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The Regulars, Inc.

Introducing The Regulars, a collection of men’s premium denim, luxury basics and coordinated accessories that epitomize elevated yet everyday style. Merging the fine fabrication of a luxury fashion house with the effortless elan of streetwear, The Regulars offers a range of modern classics inspired by the city of Los Angeles.  

The Regulars offers an elevated take on L.A.’s inimitable style with a range of 100% cotton t-shirts, hoodies and sweats featuring elevated details and bold graphics inspired by L.A.'s counter- cultural touchstones, along with the brand’s icon: Mr. Swagger.  

Sitting in the space between street and luxury, The Regulars, was born out of the city’s love of distressed vintage denim, sweats and t-shirts: L.A.’s uniform of choice.  

The Regulars premium denim is produced using eco-friendly processes including clean dye, water-reduction, and ambient drying technology. We are committed to a manufacturing process that is high tech, artisanal and fashion-forward. 

The Regulars, Inc.

Business Address: 

3019 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

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