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Welcome to the Legislative Update section of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce. Here, we provide insights into the latest local and state legislative developments and how they impact our business community.

  • New 2024 Laws in California Effecting Business Owners
    California SB 476 Food Handler Cards Costs to be Borne by Employers Mandates that employers are required to cover all costs related to obtaining a food handler card for their employees. California SB 616 Changes to Minimum Paid Sick Leave Starting January 1, 2024 Introduces changes to sick time benefits effective January 1, 2024. This legislation increases the minimum sick time benefits for all full and part-time workers in California. Previously, employees were entitled to three days of paid sick leave per year. However, under the provisions of SB 616, this has been increased to a minimum of up to five days of paid sick time per year. This legislation applies to both hourly and salaried employees. Minimum wage in the state of California will increase on January 1, 2024, by 50 cents or to $16 an hour. FAST FOOD WORKER MINIMUM WAGE (EFF APRL 1, 2024) Assembly Bill 1228 requires California fast-food restaurants to raise minimum wage for employees to $20.00 per hour beginning on April 1, 2024. This applies to chains of limited-service restaurants consisting of more than 60 establishments that share common branding, marketing, and products. SB 267 Renters and Credit History SB 267 prevents landlords from considering a person’s credit history in applications beginning Jan. 1. However, tenants will still have to provide reasonable proof that they can make rent. AB 12 – Security Deposit Cap Beginning in July, AB 12 will cap security deposits at one month’s rent, regardless of whether a unit is furnished or not. California SB 848 Reproductive Loss Leave Starting January 1, 2024 Introduces a new kind of leave aimed at supporting employees who suffer a reproductive loss event. This can include instances such as a failed adoption, miscarriage, stillbirth, or unsuccessful embryo transfer, artificial insemination, or other unsuccessful assisted reproduction. SB 848 mandates employers to provide five days of leave to those affected. This provision applies to all employers and all employees regardless of gender. California AB 2188 and SB 700: Cannabis Use and Employment Protections Starting January 1, 2024 AB 2188 makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate or penalize an employee based on their use of cannabis during their personal time. Similarly, SB 700 prohibits employers from inquiring about a prospective employee’s cannabis use during the hiring process. California AB 783 Single-User Restroom Signage Requirement Starting January 1, 2024 Mandates businesses to modify signage on single-user restrooms indicating that these facilities are available for use by all genders. Businesses should review their existing restroom signage and update them as per the guidelines provided in AB 783 to comply with this new requirement. California SB 553 Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Requirement Starting July 1, 2024 California Senate Bill 553 (SB 553) is a new legislation that requires employers to develop and implement a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan. This law, set to take effect starting July 1, 2024, requires employers to develop a plan for workplace violence hazard identification to identify potential risks of workplace violence, outlines strategies for preventing workplace violence incidents, and provides clear protocols for responding to workplace violence when it occurs. Workplace violence prevention plans plan must be created with input from employees and must be reviewed and updated annually. In addition to requiring employers to adopt workplace violence prevention plans, California employers must also provide their employees with an education and training program on the prevention of workplace violence as well as ensure that every incident, post-incident response, and workplace violation injury investigation is documented in a violence incident log following the guidelines outlined in the workplace violence prevention plan. For further information on SB 553, please visit employers-in-2024 For Resources regarding SB 553, please visit: workplace-violence-prevention-plans-and-trainings/

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